Alan Reynolds

I'm a brand designer and creative problem solver with experience working on some of the largest brands in the Food, Health Care and Technology industries.

I started as an illustrator with a love of typography and clean design. I shifted towards more design, branding, and conceptual thinking later in college. Through working at advertising agencies and with a variety of clients I learned how to help build brands, create compelling campaigns, and create a path for companies to follow and grow along the way. 

When I'm not sketching and photoshoping I enjoy reading,
aquascaping, and hanging out with my dog on the patio. 




Founding Partner, Creative

Plein Air is my current agency that I co-founded with 3 other guys. This has been my biggest education yet. I’ve learned how to build a company, win new business, and build and manage a team. I learned more of the ins and outs of marketing and advertising than i would have otherwise.

One of the biggest hurdles that constantly comes up is hiring. I never knew it would be so key and so difficult. But I’ve managed to find some great people and build and amazing team.

I also learned a lot about building relationships and partnerships with clients. And how to make an agency less of a production studio and more of a consultancy. It’s been a great chance to expand beyond just basic creative and get more into strategy, brand building, and marketing at large.


Creative Director

Levenson was an interesting journey. I worked with them internally as an employee and as a contractor once we started Plein Air. At Levenson I learned how to manage and build a team, work on larger campaigns, and go after new business. I also got the chance to do more packaging and branding. My largest client at Levenson was Fogo de Chão.


Art Director

MMI was a short venture but a lot fun. I primarily worked on MD Anderson but also touched some of their restaurant clients. Here I was able to grow in confidence in my ability to carry a project on my own, think conceptually, and push smaller brands towards bigger things.

My first real advertising Rodeo. I started off as a Jr. Art Director working on brands such as Carbonell, Bertolli, Minute Rice, Success Rice, Windstream and Waste Management. I really learned how the sauce was made here and a great work ethic. I was exposed to a lot different media and got my feed wet in the food world.

The Company (FKM)

Junior Art Director