This was a project for Ed Belfour, former Dallas Stars hockey player, and his family. They were in the process of starting their own distillery and needed some branding for their distillery and their bottles.

Previous Creative


After some initial rounds of concepts we settled on a black letter style logo type. I hand drew the logo and created a custom type face for the brand. This was great practice of typography fundamentals and really spending time on each letter.



We needed multiple colors because the client wanted each spirit to have its own. I created a muted color set that went well together without and one color being too overpowering.



This is as far as the labeling got to go unfortunately. I really enjoyed this product and would have loved for it have continued. The labels had a few key pieces to them. The filigree was hand drawn and vectorized to go with our Blackletter theme. The eagle in the middle was an homage to Ed Belfour’s helmet when he was playing which had a screaming eagle. Each spirit has their color subtly worked into the 3 pointed shield - a corner for each member of the family involved in the brand.