I was the Creative Director on Fogo de Chao helping to sustain their marketing communications as well as develop numerous campaigns, photoshoots, and commercials.

Previous Creative


In the spring of 2017 we set out to collect a new set of images for Fogo's marketing materials. The goal was to get brighter more inviting imagery in the restaurant that could help support their new lunch and brunch offerings.

We also wanted to capture some of the food with a more editorial style. These shots celebrate the food and culinary expertise used to create them. 



In the summer of 2017 we created a set of commercials to dive more deeply into Fogo's offerings. Specifically we wanted to highlight Brunch, Lunch, & Dinner. 

To help sell the idea of Fogo for different meals we springboard from the idea of "Steak is Only The Beginning". This allowed us to both sell a more luxurious experience than just a steakhouse can offer and also show the other offerings and day parts. 

Similar to the photoshoot we went much brighter than previous creative and focused on getting lots of quick fun shots that build together. This style of shooting also allowed us to easily cut up the spots into smaller 5 & 7 second digital videos.