Taco Bueno is my latest adventure in the restaurant world. They came to us during a period of transition needing help to boost sales, transform their stores, and let people know they’re back. The larger brand and store work is on going but we’ve taken steps in the right direction with promotional campaigns, photography, and new commercials.

Previous Creative


I’ve been working hard to help to Bueno promote limited time items and specials through a variety of media. From POP kits to Broadcast I’ve been working to present a fun, energetic brand with a new culinary story to tell.


Street Tacos was our first campaign with Taco Bueno. This was a test product that had already done really well and they wanted to boost sales with it. They also added a new shrimp taco to the mix to gain Lent sales. I created a new look and feel for the product line using existing photography and video and produced a full POP kit, commercials, and digital content.


Brisket was our second campaign with Taco Bueno. There were existing photos from a test but no video. The concept that was chosen revolved around playing up the Texas aspect of Tex Mex and using southern slang and sayings to help sell the product. The concept was fun and approachable and owned the Tex Mex heritage of Bueno.


The idea we had for our Brisket spots was a spin on the dueling banjos. We had a “cowboy” and “mariachi” type characters take turns playing guitar riffs to one up each other. All the while they’re also coming together to make a unique harmony that blends Texas and Mexico. It was a great way to introduce our new product line of Brisket items. Casting was key in this and we got really lucky with our two heroes. There was a great energy on set and both men actually played the music we later recorded.

Brisket Spots

The Salsa Bar is a key part of the bueno experience and one the client wanted to highlight for their drive thru customers. We used bold red and green colors and large legible type to help draw people’s attention as they drove in. We also re shot the entire salsa bar to make it more appealing. In this process we also created a mini promo for a limited time Salsa verde.




Throughout our campaign and promotional work I’ve been working on updating their photography. Working with a local photographer and stylist we’ve created a more natural look. Food needs to look like food - not floating plastic in a studio. We don’t shy away from messy-ness or realistic looking sauces. The result is a more tastier looking photo that looks real.