Tropical Smoothie Cafe first brought us in during a challenging budget situation. They needed to realign on media strategy and improve their digital presence. We helped get them on a better social plan focused on video and rebuilt their website. We also developed a new micro site for people to explore the flavors of their menu

Previous Creative


When working on TSC’s website we really wanted to showcase the food, their promotional items and get people into their menu. I kept the homepage simple and direct with 3 large sections for promotions, branding, and promotion of the app. I also created a “Flavor Page” that allowed visitors to dive deeper into the food story behind current promotions.


For the new website we did a photo series of large scenes to be used through out the next couple promotions as well as some evergreen shots. I loved how these shots came out and fit into the homepage.



Recently i was asked to update the homepage to add more spaces for promotions, programs, and sign-ups. I tried to keep it simple and clean and allow for breathing room.




While we worked on social we pushed them to do a lot more fun video content instead of just publishing something everyday. Whether it was tasty-style videos or stop motion I had a fun time changing things up every month.